Ethiopia is new to the mining industry as a whole. Many of the minerals, be it gemstones or otherwise are being discovered only now and mostly by accident. These accidental finds include Mezezo opal(1994), Welo Opal (2008), Shakiso Emerald (2016), Tigrai Sapphire (2017) . Welo opal is now the second highest market share holder of world’s opal market preceded by Australian opal. The industry is yet to flourish and new kinds of gemstones and other mineral resources are being discovered in different parts of the country.

Seven Resources was founded by three friends in 2019. We have since established strong relationships with the main gemstone producing areas in the country. We have exclusive buying rights and contractual agreements with some of the miners associations. We continue to travel throughout the country exploring other possibilities and establishing relationships. Thus, we consider Ethiopia the new treasure house of Africa and consider ourselves the gateway to the treasures this part of the world begets. We also provide the best service despite the tough government regulation on export of minerals.
Quality, Integrity and Trust are our motto.
Quality: This does not refer to product quality alone but also service quality.
Integrity: We expose as much information as possible about all the products we sell. These may include source, treatment, if any, behavior etc.
Trust: Our primary goal is building long term relationships with our customers based on trust.